Face Recognition Guide + Code by Omid Sakhi Finally, the new face Recognition Guide is here. I personally guarantee that you will learn how to write a program to recognize faces with this ebook. But read very carefully to know exactly what you are going to learn before you get it.

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The Simplest, Most Effective Way To Learn Face Recognition from a MATLAB Program  and Start Your Own Project
without spending so much time not knowing what to do or where to start 
Recognizing faces in gray-level images has been a hard topic for new researches and students all over the world. You are not alone!

Many researches who do not have access to the right resources, struggle for days or even weeks before they understand how to even start their program and finish their projects.

Sometimes the problem is that published papers do not have enough space to write every detail of the implementation. As a result, the papers become highly technical with vague mathematical formulas without any background on the subject. Even after reading the papers several times, you still cannot figure out how to write your program, or even worst where to start.

The other part of the problem is that it is extremely hard to follow other programs, even when you are a skilled programmer. Each person has a unique style for writing codes and without any comment or information, you may only change some stuff here and there, but you can never master a program written by others without the help of the author.

Considering all the problems above, what happens most of the time is that you start reading more and more papers, books and resources and you avoid doing the only thing that you have to do. Which is writing the code and get the results and finish your project.
But There is a Simple and Effective Way
In fact, this is something that you can do in the next few minutes.

The best way to learn and start your project is to learn it from another program that works, while you have access to the author and the thoughts and concepts behind each and every line of the program.
Face Recognition Guide + Code for MATLAB
is one of the best guides that can help you to learn.

There is a reason behind each line of the program and if you know them and if you follow the program line by line, you will be able to change the program or parameters and adapt it for your own project. And Eventually you will have enough wisdom to write a program without knowing it.
Here is How It Works ...
Face recognition program that you are going to learn from in this guide is written in MATLAB.

Given a single image or reading a frame from your webcam, the program has the ability to recognize the person (only one person) inside the image.

This program is based on features that are extracted using Singular Value Decomposition and Hidden Markov Models (HMMs). So by following this guide you will learn both of them thoughtly.

Here are the steps of the method:
Step One: Generating Data for Training
Every face is provided with the program and is explained line by line on how you can generate a database for your training. You can also add your pictures to the database.
Snapshot of Faces
Step Two: Feature Extraction
Then for each face image, we extract blocks. We extract SVD features from each block and process the coefficients until the whole face image becomes an observation sequence.
Feature Extraction Process
Step Three: Hidden Markov Models
Observation sequences for each person are used to train models for each person. Everything about the models from concept to implementation is discussed inside the guide in detail.
Step Four: Recognition Process
Now that we have a model for each person in our dataset (41 individuals), we use this model to write a function that recognize an unseen face.
Step Five: Capture Frames from Webcam
Yes, the program can also capture frames from your webcam :-)
In This Guide You Will Learn:

  • Feature Extraction for Face Recognition
  • Singular Value Decomposition for Features
  • Quantizing Features
  • Generating Observation Sequence
  • Hidden Markov Models
  • using HMMs to recognize face
  • Other Elements of a Face Recognition System
    (Capturing frames from Webcam, Reading files, Creating Menu)
And Naturally, I'm Not Going To Skimp You On a Guarantee:
I'm Giving You 30 Days To Put It To The Test

I'm going to let you take 30 days to work through this guide and see just how solid it is at delivering the goods.

And if you don't think this guide kicks ass - for any reason - just ask for a refund. So you'll get your money back nice and fast. Even last month someone mistakenly bought two copies and I refunded one of the automatically. As you know in PayPal, it is as simple as a click on "Issue Refund".

Will some people take advantage of this 1-month guarantee and return the guide even though it's working really well for them? Undoubtedly, yeah. But I'm betting that you're "good people."

Bottom line is - this is the real deal. You'll love it, or you get your money back. Couldn't be easier.

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You will receive a new MATLAB program in the download package. Everything in the new program is defined as parameters. You can change any parameter that you want and use custom sized images.
Whenever you need consultant on your project, you can ask for methods and insights. I will help you as much as possible.

The information contained in this guide is for informational and educational purpose only. Any information or code in this book is either based on my own experience or from another educational source. You should always seek the advice of a professional before acting on something that I have published or recommended. Any use of these codes for security purposes or other activities which involve the life of others, is not recommended without seeking the advice of the experts.
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